Stairs and Escalator Accidents

An accident that results in a personal injury can happen at any time, causing a severe interruption in your career and family life. This leaves most accident victims with a lot on their plate, all while trying to physically recover from their injuries. As such, it only makes sense to offload the most challenging aspects of filing and servicing a lawsuit to a qualified lawyer. These legal professionals can make a major difference when it comes to your case’s success, starting from square one.

In fact, an attorney can be incredibly useful before your case is even filed with the courts. At this early stage, your lawyer can help provide you with knowledgeable guidance about how much compensation you should ask for based upon your level of pain and suffering. Your lawyer can also provide a lot of assistance when it comes to filling out and proof-reading your court submissions once your intent to sue solidifies.

If your case does make it to trial, you’ll again be thankful that you opted for qualified legal representation. That’s because an attorney cannot be matched when it comes to their ability to apply the law to support your case. Your lawyer will also be able to present evidence with knowledgeable precision, thus ensuring that the judge in your case fully understands your central claim.

How Much Will a Lawyer Cost?

Accident victims are too often scared away from filing suit against those that injured them because they believe that a lawyer will cost too much. While all qualified legal representation comes at a cost, prospective litigants can also rest assured that more personal injury lawyers are providing their clients with flexible payment options. Some may even allow you to may them a proportional amount of your compensation, thus ensuring that you always have enough in the end.

Also, when you get down to it, the cost of forgoing legal action in this instance may be greater than you are willing to pay. In other words, the choice to skip your only clear shot at obtaining financial compensation may feel more damaging down the line. As such, it makes good fiscal sense to hire a lawyer to protect this very important opportunity to earn what is rightfully yours.

How Should I Find a Lawyer that’s Right for my Situation?

When you finally commit to seeking compensation for your injuries with the support of a lawyer, you should take some time to research what kind of attorney will best serve your unique legal needs. This includes taking into account each available lawyer’s specifically as well as their experience in handling cases like your own. Ideally, your top option should also provide payment options that allow you to remain solvent while your legal case proceeds.

You shouldn’t need to look far and wide for a lawyer to fit your situation, either. In fact, you should look close to home and find a lawyer that maintains an office in your neighborhood or city. That way, you can meet with that lawyer regularly to ensure that you are always on the same page in terms of legal strategy.

Common Examples of Accident Causes

Poor Clearance Escalator Accident

Escalators are designed to make it easier to travel between floors without needing to over-exert one’s self. In many cases, they also make it safer to perform this necessary task because they streamline the flow of people moving from one floor of a building to another. But not all building owners take the precautions necessary to prevent their escalator users from becoming injured. This couldn’t have become clear to you than after your recent injury, which was clearly caused by poor clearance around a publicly accessible escalator.

At this moment, you may be wondering how you’ll ever pay the medical bills that have piled up in the wake of this preventable accident. If the owner of the escalator denies liability, than you may be forced to file a lawsuit against them to compel them to pay you the monetary compensation you need in this trying time. While you may still have some hesitations about this prospect, hiring a lawyer can be an important first step that will open your eyes to the possibility of productive legal action.

Black Ice on Stairs Slip and Fall Accident

When you’re out and about during the winter months, you likely know that it is important to keep your eyes peeled for patches of ice or snow that may cause you to slip and fall. This is particularly true when you need to traverse more risky terrain, such as a set of outdoor cement stairs. But even the most vigilant citizen may not see a patch of black ice before it is too late, resulting in a costly accident.

While you can’t always be expected to spot this kind of transparent ice, the owners of those stairs are expected to maintain them in a non-hazardous condition when winter weather arrives. As such, you may now have a case against those stair owners when it comes to claiming your right to monetary compensation. To take the first steps towards precipitating proper recourse for your pain and suffering, talk to a qualified lawyer today and learn about your legal options.

Poorly Secured Railing Accident

When you’re utilizing a staircase, it’s always good to get a little extra support by grasping the provided handrail. Indeed, for some citizens, a handrail is an essential component of a staircase because it allows them to balance themselves while ascending or descending. But what if that railing were to suddenly come loose? Well, as you’ve learned firsthand, such a sudden railing failure can cause you to fall suddenly and become injured – all because the railings owner failed to properly maintain it.

This kind of accident was entirely preventable, but that doesn’t change the fact that you now have a mountain of medical bills to pay. You need compensation now, which is why it is high time you considered filing a liability lawsuit against the owners of that faulty staircase railing. With a skilled personal injury lawyer at your side, you can begin to grow in confidence that this form of legal action will restore a sense of stability to your life.