Slip and Falls at Work

Why You Should Hire a Qualified Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer

Even in the wake of a life-changing accident, some victims still feel that they are able to represent their own interests in court. But as countless failed self-representation cases demonstrate, hiring and retaining a lawyer is one of the best ways to increase your chances of success in a liability lawsuit.

In fact, a seasoned lawyer can make light work of almost every step in a legal action, starting with the pre-filing phase. At that point, your lawyer will be able to clearly explain which forms you’ll need to fill out and when you’ll need to submit them to meet the court’s pre-established deadlines. Your attorney will also be able to check your submissions for errors, which can prevent your case from being delayed for a simple mistake later on.

Slip and fall accident lawyers also excel when it comes to keeping your case on a path towards success. This includes during in-court arguments when your lawyer can shift your legal strategy based upon the evidence put forth by the defendant’s legal team. Your lawyer will even be able to provide sage advice late in your trial, when it may be prudent to adjust the specifics of your requested compensation package.

How Much Will a Lawyer Cost?

Qualified legal representation always comes at a cost. But how much will a lawyer cost you specifically? That may depend upon the service rates of lawyers operating in your area. But perhaps more importantly, the larger cost of hiring a lawyer will depend on how that lawyer allows you to pay them. Many attorneys are becoming more flexible on this front, thus allowing an accident victim like you to pay on their own terms.

It’s also easy to forget the cost of not hiring a lawyer while considering your legal options. For instance, an individual who fails to win their case because they opted for self-representation will have effectively left their rightful compensation on the table. Choosing this path can also cost you weeks and months of time, which can really add up when you should be focusing on recovering from your injuries.

How Should I Find a Lawyer that’s Right for my Situation?

First and foremost, take a moment to appraise what kind of lawyer you need. While a general service lawyer may be able to meet some of your legal needs, a slip and fall accident specialist will be best able to ensure that all relevant laws are applied to support your case.

Next, make a short list of law firms in your area that primarily service cases like your own. These local lawyers are more likely than national lawyers to understand accident victim statutes in your state, so they should always be your first choice.

Finally, if your financial situation is tenuous, don’t be afraid to ask your prospective lawyer about their payment plan options. In many cases, an attorney who is willing to fight for your rights will also allow you to set up a payment plan that keeps you financially afloat while your lawsuit proceeds.

Examples of Where can Slip and Falls Happen in the Workplace

Loading Docks

Working in a warehouse can be tough work, there’s no question about it. Though the hours can be long, you should still expect your employer to treat you right and keep your working conditions safe for you and all of your coworkers. This includes keeping your loading dock free of ice and snow during the winter months. It’s clear now that your employer failed to meet this important duty to maintain, which in turn lead directly to your recent slip and fall accident.

At this point, you may have applied for workers compensation and been denied by your unscrupulous employer. But there’s still hope for you! You can force your employer to pay out compensation for your pain and suffering by filing a liability lawsuit against them. If you’re successful, you’ll earn enough money to pay off your medical bills and compensate for your lost income. A lawyer can make this kind of success more likely, so you should make hiring one your top priority starting today.

Improper Stairs

Moving merchandise around your warehouse can be tiring work, regardless of the circumstances. But in all cases, your employer should never ask you to perform an action that puts you at direct risk for an injury. This includes using non-secured items – such as a box or crate – as steps. If they require you to do so anyway, they may open themselves up to liability for forcing their employees to work in a hazardous environment.

On these grounds, you may have a case to sue your current employer for their role in your recent slip and fall accident. In fact, your status as a workplace accident victim may entitle you to thousands of dollars in compensation – even if your employer has previously denied your workers compensation claim. If you believe that this kind of legal action is right for you, then you should talk with a qualified lawyer today to learn about options for obtaining legal recourse.

Uneven Surfaces

When it comes to protecting their workers from environmental hazards, employers have a duty to maintain their entire store or warehouse’s physical surfaces each and every day. Otherwise, employees like you are likely to trip and fall on an uneven surface that was inadequately marked. These same employers also have an obligation to pay out workers compensation when such an accident occurs. But that hasn’t stopped your employer from shorting you your rightful compensation.

Though you may be hesitant to escalate the situation, now may be the right time to file a lawsuit against your employer. Through this kind of liability lawsuit, you’ll be able to make a binding claim for the monetary funds that will help you pay your medical bills and temporarily replace your income. Hiring a skilled attorney is the first step in this process, so you should make plans to call up lawyers in your area as soon as possible if litigation feels like the right course of action for your situation.

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